Ambunu Shampoo – 8 oz.


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Need help detangling your thick hair? Then this Ambunu Shampoo is for you. Ambunu, an all-natural African herb, is a long-kept secret from Chad only recently available outside of Africa. Women in Chad have used it for generations and are said to have the longest hair in Africa. This wonderful herb contains saponins, which help cleanse the dirt and impurities from hair. Ambunu is very slippery, making it a great addition to a detangling shampoo. No more worrying about getting your comb stuck—ambunu makes it easier, cutting down on washing and styling time. It also makes hair stronger, thicker, and shinier, so you can have the hair you’ve always wanted. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent dry scalp and lessens hair loss. Plus, this shampoo contains shea butter, which nourishes and moisturizes the hair. Make wash day easy with this ambunu shampoo. M-P893 Allergy warning: may contain tree nuts