Olive Butter - 4 oz.


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Transform your skin into life!
Discover a new world of nourishment and body pampering with 100% pure olive butter. Extracted from cold pressing olives, this soothing butter has natural fatty acids and paraffins that replenish skin with a luxurious layer of moisture. The natural skin healing properties of olive butter have made its use popular in many anti-aging creams and conditioners around the world. Creamy and full of natural vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants-all healing elements for the skin. Restores elasticity to skin, while healing fine lines and wrinkles and giving it that healthy glow we all adore! Try olive butter for yourself, and experience the endless benefits again and again. Contains a light, aromatic olive scent. Color shades vary. Made in South Africa.

INCI NAME: Olea europea (Olive) Seed Oil

Shelf life of 1 year. This butter should be stored in a cool dark place.